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Either you are born rich or strive to get rich in both cases management of wealth is essential because the future is unknown and to tide over it, we need to be financially secure. With proper planning and projections of future needs and wants, we can lead a stress free life today and tomorrow.

We Wealth was born as an idea of providing wealth creation investments and financial goal achievement strategies to Investors who are seeking a financially secure future.

We Wealth is a brain child of Priya Andrades and Clyde Andrades who are Masters in Management Studies and are certified Derivatives and Stock traders and Registered Mutual Fund Distributors for the past 15 years and are SEBI certified Research Analyst.

Being successful investors themselves and charged with faith in compounding, they decided to launch We Wealth as a financial planning and wealth management firm for the benefit of their clients.

We Wealth Emphasizes on

Financial Goal planning based on risk profiling and risk appetite

Every dream does cost something !! education , marriage, travel, house and most of all retirement are all goals in a persons life and each has a cost associated and inflation keeps on escalating this cost. Every goal if preplanned and adjusted to inflation will not pinch the pocket when we face this expense in future rather you are well planned for it. Hence PLAN is essential. We Wealth helps you with the plans required for your financial goal achievement.

Systematic investment plans for each financial goal.

If we have made a plan and start early to save towards it, we are benefitted by lower amount of saving burden and power of compounding. Hence associate each of your goal with a SIP. We Wealth helps you with the exact SIP required for each of your financial goal, the tenure and the investment strategy.

Investing techniques for consistent returns arrived at by risk profiling and risk appetite analysis

Every investor is different based on his risk taking ability and return expectations. But when it comes to being unsatisfied of their returns, all are the same in the way they think. Discipline towards your investment and not comparing it with other investments which you have chosen not to take is essential but it is easier said than being committed to. Hence We Wealth provides investing techniques with which our clients are happy with their consistent returns with moderate risk in achieving inflation beating returns.

Portfolio building for wealth creation

The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market’s fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety. That’s what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now they will still be the cornerstones of investing.
— Warren Buffett

We Wealth firmly believes in the above mentioned philosophy and builds the clients portfolio systematically. Our belief is to buy those businesses in which we see a future in terms of business and management and those which we feel are the backbone of the economy. To avoid the timing of market and sticking to our conviction that every price is a good price when you are building a long term portfolio, We Wealth recommends its clients Portfolio building for long-term wealth creation

Investor education for first time investor, derivative trader and technical skill enhancement

We provide educational training to first time investor in both stock and derivatives market. As market rewards those who respect the market by coming well prepared. So we expect that every investor should be aware of what he is investing in so that he understands the behavior psychology of the market and its participants. We Wealth conducts inhouse training sessions to investors as per their requirement.


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We Wealth Financial Planning 

We Wealth provides wealth creation investments and financial goal achievement strategies to Investors who are seeking a financially secure future.