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We Wealth Edge – Alpha Generator

We believe it is possible to generate above average returns with low risk and low cost by using efficient investment techniques and combining products rather than the traditional approach of focusing on a single product to achieve these goals. 

The drawback of investing in a single product results in average returns with high risk of capital and high cost. Due to these factors an investor often gets frustrated and liquidates his investments beforehand thereby restricting him in enjoying the true potential of the equity markets. 

With this philosophy in mind we at We Wealth have come up with a unique strategy called We Wealth Edge.

Investments done through this method enables the client to:
  • Generate above average market beating returns
  • Reduce the risk associated while generating such returns
  • Reduce fund management cost
  • Get faster liquidity than comparable products
  • Get frequent payouts of realized profits
  • Transparent and periodic reporting
  • Annual review of the Investment Strategy
  • The We Wealth Edge strategy strives to generate market beating consistent returns at lower risk levels and lower cost along with a unique feature of frequent payouts of realized profits. It is a combo strategy designed to use the long term benefits of equity markets coupled with the power of option trading strategies.


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