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Very often with the object of getting good returns, we invest in various asset classes, ranging from equities to bonds to mutual funds to gold to property etc. without establishing our main financial goals. Most of us do not know for what reason we are investing our money? We do not know what purpose it will serve? Do we have sufficient funds to invest? What are our present liabilities? Should we only look at returns while making an investment, without having clear financial goals?

Investors who follow this unplanned approach often end up experiencing financial stress which result in emotional decisions which in turn results in financial mistakes. Financial planning not only helps in building wealth, but also helps in securing your finances.

Ten Reasons why financial planning required?
  • To Set smart financial goals
  • To have a plan to achieve these goals
  • To Manage Cash Flows
  • To Manage Debt Efficiently
  • To Insure yourself optimally
  • To Invest in the right financial product
  • To Beat Inflation
  • To Build a Contingency Fund for emergencies
  • To Achieve Long Term Goals
  • To Plan for retirement
We At We Wealth help you formulate a financial plan based on your needs, requirements and goals. We follow an eight step process:
  • Determing your current financial situation
  • Financial Goal setting
  • Risk Profiling & Return Analysis
  • Identifying the most suitable investment options based on your Time frame & risk profile
  • Evaluating alternative solutions
  • Creating and Finalizing a financial action plan
  • Executing the financial plan. (We Wealth Goal Achiever)
  • Periodic Review and alignment


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We Wealth Financial Planning 

We Wealth provides wealth creation investments and financial goal achievement strategies to Investors who are seeking a financially secure future.